Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Cleveland, TN Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Oral Conscious Sedation

Relax, you’re in great hands!

Sedation Dentistry in Cleveland, TN Center for Cosmetic DentistrySedation is a process used to establish a relaxed, easy, and calm state through the use of sedatives. Oral sedation dentistry maintains a level of consciousness in the patient for safety and cooperation. Regardless of the type of sedation dentistry you receive, it is important to have a responsible caregiver accompany you to the procedure. The caregiver should drive you home after the procedure is complete and stay with you for an additional two to four hours at home.

How You May Feel

Most patients remember nothing about their treatment. A few will remember a little, usually at the end of the appointment when we are getting them ready to go home. You will need someone to bring you to our office on the day of your sedation appointment and you MUST have someone take you home afterwards.

Safety of Sedation

The reason that we use oral sedation is because of its safety. We use monitoring equipment to monitor your pulse and blood pressure. You’ll be done before you know it, completely unaware of the time passing, totally relaxed.

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