You Don’t Have To Give Up Sugar For A Beautiful Smile

Who doesn’t want a better smile? A bright smile conveys confidence. Smiles are one of the first things we notice when meeting a new acquaintance or love interest. If white smiles are desirable, then it would make sense to avoid anything that would dim your pearly whites. Obviously, the best way to keep a bright and healthy smile is to brush your teeth two to three times a day. Tips are thrown at you to stay away from coffee, sweets, and acidic foods to protect your teeth. As much as you might want a model set of chompers, there are many people that rather live life with teeth than without coffee or sweets.


Here are a Few Ways to Drink Coffee and Eat Sweets Responsibly


Drink Coffee Through a Straw to Protect Your Teeth


When drinking a dark, sugary drink like coffee, the best way to protect your teeth is by drinking it through a straw. Drinking your Starbucks venti, extra shot, white mocha macchiato through a straw minimizes the amount of liquid that comes into contact with the surface of your teeth.


Eat The Right Kinds of Candy to Protect Your Teeth


Sugarless gum is your number one option for a sweet that take it easy on your teeth. Chewing on some sugarless gum after a meal actually helps rinse off any acids or bacteria that may have crowded the surface of your teeth. Sugar-free candies are usually less acidic as well, so they cause less wear and tear that a normal candy would. The saliva you produce by sucking or chewing on the candies also helps neutralizes the acids to protect your teeth.


Wash It All Down With Water to Protect Your Teeth


After you eat a chocolatey treat there might still be some remaining sugars and bacteria. Left untouched, candy, coffee, and soft drinks, could eat around at your enamel. Water is the best way to wash potentially harmful liquids and food particles away from your teeth.


If you follow all of these general guidelines for maintaining a bright and healthy smile, but you still are not happy with the brightness or coloring of your teeth, Dr. Beard and his team at Cosmetic Dentistry offer teeth whitening and brightening services.