Oral Health Begins Early

Do you have a little one running around at home? Having children is a ton of fun, but it also comes with a ton of responsibility. They rely on you for everything from transportation, to food, to providing a home to live in, and so much more. Oral hygiene can be boring to adults, let alone for children. However, it is essential that parents and caregivers ensure that their children are brushing and flossing every day as well as visiting a dental professional for a regular cleaning and examination. Below you will find a couple quick tips for you as parents and caregivers in making sure your little one’s teeth are squeaky clean and healthy.

Limit Sugar

We appreciate the soccer moms and homeroom moms of the world. We know that you do your best to make sure your kiddos are “snacked and packed” ready to blow through the day! When you are picking up the team snacks or classroom treats for the week, make an effort to grab snacks that are not sugar-filled like gummies or candy. Instead, grab crackers, granola bars, or even healthy “sugary” foods such as grapes or bananas.

Also, try to grab water instead of capri-suns or sodas. Yes the kids like sweets, we all do. But, as parents and caregivers, you can help protect them at a young age from having major dental problems later in life by monitoring what goes in their mouths and into their bellies now.

They Are Watching You

Your kids are watching you. They look up to you. They want to be like you. So go the extra mile! Get creative, and make brushing and flossing FUN! Make it a game or competition. Explain why you take time to brush and floss your teeth to them. They want to learn and understand. Make it a regular part of your day- a routine. As soon as they see that it’s not a burden or a bother to you, and that it’s actually fun, they will join in as well and view this typically mundane, yet essential daily routine positively.

We hope these two tips helped in encouraging you as a parent or caregiver to teach the little ones in your care that oral health doesn’t have to be hard or boring. Together, let’s make sure that the children in our care are as healthy as possible, and that they learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime.