How to Avoid “Keto” Breath

What is the Keto Diet?


You’ve probably heard of the Keto diet. This diet pushes your body to consume primitive food groups and encourages lean eating habits. It has had some serious success for people world-wide, even some celebrities. However, while this new diet is making strides in the healthy-living world, there are some other “smelly” side effects of taking on this diet.


While the Keto diet encourages dieters to eat as much meat, cheese, and veggies as their hearts desire, it discourages sugar. From a dental perspective, this is a great attribute of the Keto diet! As you know, overtime, sugar can lead to cavities and tooth decay. While you’re teeth, gums, and dentist may thank you for consuming less sugar, you may find yourself having bad breath. Keto is known for causing bad breath. But, why you ask?


“Keto breath” is typically a temporary side effects when your body is not yet using all the ketones your liver is producing. Your body will become “Keto-adapted” when it starts using these ketones to fuel your muscles and brain efficiently. When you become “Keto-adapted”, your bad breath should begin to subside. The good news is that you will not have to deal with Keto breath for very long. In fact, most people report that it lasts as little as a week but no longer than a month.


How To Prevent “Keto Breath”


If you have chosen to take on the Keto diet but you don’t want to deal with the bad breath that may accompany it, you need to educate yourself on ways to prevent bad breath. Check out some of the most common, easy ways to do just that!


Drink Lots of Water


Your body slows its production of saliva when you don’t eat very much. After starting the Keto diet, you may notice that you start to lose your appetite and eat less over time. The less you eat, the dryer your mouth gets. Furthermore, it is essential to drink plenty of water to prevent bacteria from building up in your mouth. You will find that if you stay hydrated you will have more energy too, which you need when starting a new diet of any kind. So, make it part of your challenge to drink lots of water each day.


Maintain Good Oral Hygiene


Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential throughout your Keto experience. Ensuring that you properly brush and floss each day is crucial. It’s also a good idea to use an antibacterial mouthwash after brushing and flossing. Some people who are experiencing extreme “Keto breath” at first recommended brushing after each meal to help with this problem.


Take Your Time


Rather than jumping in head first, gradually cut carbs out of your diet instead of cutting them out all at once or “cold turkey” as they say. By doing this, it gives your body time to adjust to the change and not release as many ketones at once. You are basically giving yourself time to “adapt” or acclimate to the Keto diet, and therefore you may by-pass “Keto breath”.


Stress Less


Finally, work to stress less. This is always important, but especially so when going on the Keto diet. Stress not only reduces the flow of saliva in your mouth, but it also slows digestion of proteins in your body. Anxiety can also cause acid-reflux, which is also known to cause bad breath. Finding ways to de-stress is important when starting a new diet, so learn techniques for doing this if you haven’t already.


While “Keto breath” may be embarrassing, the Keto diet may be a great way to achieve and maintain overall health. If you have more questions or concerns about how the Keto diet may affect your oral health, we would love to help! Give us a call or stop by our office this week.